Friday, 21 October 2011

Autumn is here - Alli cooks

The heating has gone on, Autumn has finally arrived so thoughts of a nut roast crossed my mind for tonight's meal, but I changed my mind when I looked for inspiration. I love goats cheese so I was drawn to 'Goats Cheese purses w roasted red pepper sauce' from New Food for Thought - I didn't have any sun dried tomato condiment, so I just left it out...still tasted lush! 

The dish was accompanied by root veg roasted in a greaseproof paper package - new pots, carrots, baby parsnips, garlic, shallots - sprinkled with some olive oil and a sprig of rosemary chucked in. Wrap them up, roast and dish them up in their packets (watch out for the steam!) The little packets went down well with the birds...tweet!

For desert it was the turn of Nigel Slater to provide the recipe - Poached pears with Florentines - full of naughty cream. You can watch the recipe being made her - cheers Nige! We chatted about you, 'Toast' and the TV film of your autobiography - we loved it!

A world gone mad with an obsession for plastic surgery was on the agenda tonight, with one solution to the madness being enforced watching of the movie 'Brazil' by Terry Gilliam - that should sort things out!

Wheat-friendly version - an individual ramekin of the pie filling with a rich tomato sauce, baked. Leave the Florentines out of the cream.

Happy half term Alli x

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