Friday, 21 October 2011

Thank Goodness it's Friday! Lucy Cooks

Delia’s veggie moussaka seems like the perfect dish for an Autumn eve.. lentils, aubergines, peppers galore with a fluffy ricotta toppping.  Delish.  The birds rated it a winner.  Salad and warm bread on the side.  Laura and Henk approved so it must have been ok.  

Sally pitched up later after a (tense, sweaty Open Evening).  The joys of choosing A levels with your teenagers.

Check out the tart tatin.  Raymond’s instructions proved rather over- prescriptive so I went free- style on the apple arrangement.  The caramel didn’t burn and the (frozen) puff pastry puffed so a result.  Lovely with single cream.

Conversation turns to the highs and lows of parenting.  How is it that you might know (in theory) about the right thing to do but get it so wrong in the moment?  Apologising to your kids “Hmmm I’m sorry, I was wrong to say that …’ can be hard to do we think.

Enough for now.  Glad to see that there is still a slice or two of tart left over.  A nice Friday breakfast.


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