Thursday, 17 November 2011

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Tonight was a meat fest as Alli ( the vege) could only get here in time for pud. So …. The star of the show was made the evening before – Chinese braised beef ( from Good Food mag). Flavours set to infuse for 24 hrs – yum!

A busy day at work and then parents evening – went well which is always a bonus! Time for a quick coffee before settling down to the task.

As Alli was only coming for pud I thought it only fair that I did something decent rather that my usual quick ice cream & fruit or fail-safe Eton mess. Nigella came to the rescue with Glitzy choc puds topped with crunchie.

Trying to be seasonal I went for a starter of celeriac remoulade courtesy of Nigel Slater off the tinternet – thanks Nige! Served with ham. The Chinese beef was accompanied by braised bok choi & rice. All very nice & mucho appreciatoed by the birds which is always very satisfying.
Great conversation and ripples of laughter and everyone seemed happy upon departure. I’m knackered – but it was worth it – as always!!! :)

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  1. The pudding was delicious...soft gooey stuff in the middle! Yummy..x