Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Holy Bible - Henk cooked, Alli blogged!

Wheat-feast at the ready - Sally's on holiday!

'The Holy Bible', otherwise known as the Good Housekeeping Vegetarian Cook Book, makes a regular appearance on these nights; easy and tasty veg fayre which the birds all approve of.

Tonight Henk's main course, taken from the hallowed pages of  the holy book, was a spicy filo, spinach and lentil pie served with a selection of salads - clean plates all round and Anna asked for, and got, more! Or check out this recipe for Halloumi & Pepper Bruschetta - it's a Good Housekeeping original!

We had already noshed our way through halloumi, sun-dried tomatoes and chilli flake-topped bruschetta for our starter - don't think this was taken from 'The Holy Bible', more of a Henk creation.

It was the school holidays, so talking went on after midnight and surprisingly we didn't all turn into toads, mice or pumpkins! We save that one for Halloween...

Happy noshing and 'Bless you'....

Alli x

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